I was born

to Ron and Linda Hard in October of 1968.  Had I known what kind of childhood was ahead of me at the time of my birth I might have just given up right then.  I ask myself now, did my Dad ever just see me as his little girl?  Did he ever really love me as his child and not as an object of his desires?  I also ask myself what his motivation were behind having children.  Did he only want them to have something he could take advantage of?

Does an abusive parent know the moment a child is born that they will abuse that child?


3 Comments to “I was born”

  1. They don’t understand empathy or a conscience like we do… they are sick and twisted in their thinking … it’s proven their DNA is changed from being abused themselves or it’s in their lineage from hereditary abusers…. it is possessing and stealing innocence of another and selfish satisfaction of carnal twisted desires…. My mother and her sister were victims of my grandfather and to this day my Mother won’t admit it… God gave me clues to her victimization by insight and my own experiences of being molested at age 11 and drugged and raped at 16 gave me knowledge of the signs of what victims go through and my Mother has as clear as day the signs in her behavior and attitude upon the people closest to her by being bipolar and irritable and argumentative…. she lashes out at those closest to her and is sweet as pie to those whom are strangers is one sign

  2. “Does an abusive parent know the moment a child is born that they will abuse that child?”

    Interesting question. I wonder if they ever have a struggle of conscience (like an alcoholic taking the next drink)…

    I doubt it.

    • I believe child molesters do struggle until they don’t! In other words, in the beginning they know it is wrong, but the more you do something wrong the more it seems normal. I have talked with inmates that progress and they all have the “Each time I did it – it got easier and easier, that is – until I got caught!” syndrome!

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