The first time I told

I was in the 8th grade, attending Willis Junior High, and I told my English teacher.  For the life of me I cannot remember her name but I remember her saying that “sometimes dads do that”.  And then she asked me if I had told my Mom.  I told her no because I was afraid my Mom would be mad.  Later I found out… I was right!

Now I know that teacher broke the law.  She had an obligation to report what I had told her to the authorities.  Sadly, she chose not to report it.  And even more sad is now, looking back, she must have been molested as well.  Why else would she say “sometimes dads do that”?


2 Comments to “The first time I told”

  1. What a shame that your teacher did not take more responsibility and action in the situation. I’m so sorry. I never cease to be amazed at how many adults do not stand up for the innocent when to me it seems like such an obvious ethical/moral obligation. How tragic.

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