Thank you for your stories!

I have shared this blog with about 30 or so people.  Many of you have emailed me or messaged me with your own story.  I deeply appreciate your trust!  Please know I will never betray you, I know how hard it is to trust, since you were betrayed in the worst possible way!

Sending my love, Veronica

One Comment to “Thank you for your stories!”

  1. Veronica, I read your blog late last night and cried. I am so sorry that this happened to you! Please know that you have nothing to be ashamed of…your father is the one that should carry the guilt for betraying the most precious bond there is….that of a parent and a child. It sounds like you are searching for healing and I believe you are on the right path….I have a dear friend who is struggling with the same thing. She has a blog and writes….writes to help heal. She is so real and raw in what she rights and really makes you stop and think about things differently. Check her out….you may find strength in knowing that you are not alone in speaking out and that it is so good that you are talking about it….I know it helps to have friends that have experienced the same thing…she is wonderful… is her link.

    You will win this fight….I can tell you have grown into a strong amazing woman!! Thank you for having the courage to share your story!!!! xoxo your friend Amy

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