The second time I told

Just several weeks before my Mom died I told her what Dad had done.  They had just gotten divorced so I thought it would be OK… I was so wrong!!

That night she drank more than I had ever seen her drink.  And sometime shortly after midnight she woke my sister and I out of bed.  She demanded to know why I had seduced my Dad and if Kissy had done the same thing.  She then said we should die and went and got her pistol.  I ran with Kissy into a bedroom and baracaded the door.  I hid Kissy and I in the closet for hours and Mom yelled and screamed from outside the window and door. Finally she passed out.  When she woke I was gone… Kissy would not leave with me.

I stayed with Angie at her Dad’s (Ray) for a couple of weeks before Mom called crying and apologizing.  She begged me to come and stay with her.  She said she and I would talk and everything would be OK.  She told me she loved me and promised to not to drink.

She kept that promise for almost a week… and then she died!

Her blood alcohol level was enough to kill her by itself.  She died in a one car accident near Trinity, TX

2 Comments to “The second time I told”

  1. :(. Idk what else to say…

  2. Wow. You have come through so much. Bravo for taking action and pressing forward. You should be proud of yourself and know that you are on a journey to healing and aiding the lives of others. I am sorry for these losses in your life. To lose someone physically is an enormous loss, but to lose the trust and security of your parents while they were still physically there is also so significant. I think we have to allow ourselves to grieve the loss of our parental relationship, whether our parents are still living, or if the relationship was not ever as it should have been. Children instinctively trust and count on their parents. It sounds like your trust was injured repeatedly by the adults in your life.

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