The third time I told

This is an involved story.  And when I say involved I mean many people, including the police, friends and family members.  This was a crucial moment in the lives of many, and many made a fateful decision that greatly impacted the life of my sister.

My mother, Linda Hard, died in a car accident on April 19, 1985.  That same night I begged a police officer to not let my Dad take me and my sister with him.  I knew with my Mom no longer alive we were at his mercy!  I told the police officer everything; what my father had done and been doing, why I was afraid for my sister and why I would never live with him again.

He asked if there was anyone else he could call, I told him my Nanny.  From that moment everything went a little crazy, we spent the night at my Uncle Larry’s and Aunt Barbara’s the first night and then went to my Aunt Jeannine’s from there.  They all knew what I had told the police officer, so did my Nanny… no one did anything (well other than disown me and my sister)!

Soon we were in Arkansas with my Mothers parents.  They too knew what Dad had done and still sent us back to Texas.  Kissy went to live with Dad and I hit the road.  I slept where ever I could, Betty V’s house, Ray V’s house, Sylvia A’s, Micheal L’s,  in my car, at Huntsville state park, on floors of peoples houses that were having parties, it did not matter as long as I did not have to go home… until I met Bobby and he was willing to give me a home of my own!

Kissy on the other hand was now at the mercy of my Dad!


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