Married to a monster

How would you know?  My Mom married one…

She was desperate to get out.  Out of her own hell, only to crawl into another one.

My Mom’s childhood was horrible.  She was terribly abused.  So the first chance she got… she got OUT!  And her ticket out was my Dad.

My Mom worked at her parents Dairy Mart in Houston.  My Dad just happened to walk in one day, the rest was history!  She could have never known what kind of man she was marrying.  But my Dad on the other hand liked what he saw.  My Mom resembled a 10 yr old little girl and would for years to come.  Not only was she tiny but her mentality was that of a child as well.  She was just under 5′ tall and weighed under 100 lbs most of her life.  The perfect bride (or so my Dad thought) for a man like my Dad.

But then my Mom grew up.  And she drank!  I think part of the reason she drank so much is she knew my Dad had his own demons.  But, of course, I am in no way implying my Mother’s drinking was my Dad’s fault.  But realizing that you are married to a monster has to do something to you.  And having children with him must be awful.

She left my Dad many, many times.  I have no idea why she kept going back.  Maybe because we seek those that make us feel normal, even when that normal is hell!


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