Getting to know the atheist

When a child is molested they act out!  And I was no exception.

If you read my earlier blog you know my Dad was an atheist.  And for winter solstice (our version of Christmas) my Dad decided to throw a party at our home.  I was 10! The house was packed full of guest, all atheist.  I was in bed, but wanted to join the party with the grownups.  I got out of bed and went into my Mom and Dads room and found one of my Moms sexy night gowns.  Put it on and walked into a room full of people.  Complete silence followed!   Then gasp!  I was so embarrassed.  I remember it well, but have no idea what I was thinking.  Except for that maybe that is what adults expected.

I can’t remember what happened next.  But I do remember the looks on those faces.  Horror!

I acted out many times.  But this was one of the memories that has stuck with me through the years.  I had no gauge, I was taught inappropriate behavior.  This followed me for years, even into my adult life which I will talk about in future blogs.

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