Just a quick note before I continue family “trips”

Someone asked me the other day after reading some of my blog how I can be so happy?  They even asked me if it was an act.  <- I was a little taken back by that one.

Well, it is not an act.  I am truly happy!  Do not get me wrong I get frustrated, tired, emotional.. etc just like everyone else.  But this blog is my past.  It is not my present nor my future!  And reliving it has been amazing.  I can not tell you how great a sense of release I have begun to feel.  With each new blog I feel so empowered.

Now that I have given it some thought I think what was really being asked of me is “How can you not feel sorry for yourself?”  The question I ask is “Why should I?” I have a wonderful life… because I CHOOSE my life!  And I CHOOSE to be happy.  Life is can be so good if you just let it be!

Now back to family “trips”!  Next blog…. A family that gets naked together, well…..  !

Don’t forget to share, share, share!  Share especially with anyone you know who might benefit.


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