How about we all get naked… our family vacations!

My Mom and Dad loved to camp!  And through a friend they discovered nudist camps.  So where did we go every frickin summer… to different nudist camps.

It is so strange, walking around with a bunch of naked people. Especially when you are 10.  Life becomes very confusing.  And of course more family secrets come along with it.  Now I will have to say I met some wonderful friends there.  But the weight that I carried for many years was very heavy.

When other kids would talk about what they did during the summer or where the went, I never said a word.  Or if I did I would lie.  I was taught to lie at a very young age.  In our family it was not only ok to lie but was encourage!

And what kind of playground is a nudist camp… one for pedophiles.  Some would argue this point and say that it would never be tolerated.  But pedophiles do not show themselves in the light.  They are like vampires.  They look like normal people until they are away from the light.

I am sure my father loved that playground.  I cringe to think of the children he may have hurt throughout the years.  It breaks my heart.

My Mom was either very naive or just pretended to not see the truth.  The truth may actually lie somewhere in between.  Or it may be that my Mom was just to caught up in her own life to realize what was really going on.  I will never know.  I will never understand!

As my next blog will discuss, my Mom sought attention.  Lots of attention.  And it was at the nudist camp where her relationship changed with the same friend who introduced all of us to nudist camps.  His name was Thomas Wayne Gurley.  Soon to be known as my other Dad.


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