My Dad hits on friends and getting yelled at by a preacher during church!

At Conroe High School I found new friends and one became a better friend than most of the others.  Cassie was a doll!  I loved hanging out with her and we spent a lot of time together.  I am not sure why, but one weekend she and I ended up at my Dads.  The next weekend I was spending at her house.  And on Sundays her family went to church so I would go with.  I was 14 or 15 yrs old so by this time I knew better than to discuss my Dads beliefs or lack of with anyone.  So no big deal!

However, just as she and I were walking into church she told me that my Dad had tried to “make a move” on her.  I was devastated.  As we walked into church I began to cry.  And as church began I was sobbing.  The preacher stopped his sermon and yelled at me for making so much noise.  I will never forget it.  I ran out and into the bathroom where I stayed for the rest of the service.  Finally, Cassie came and got me.  I had her Mom take me home.  I don’t think Cassie and I talked much ever again.

I realized, at that moment, the numbers could be countless as to how many girls (my friends) my Dad had either molested or attempted to molest.  I was devastated but even more embarrassed!

Soon after I left Conroe High School and went back to Willis, where I stayed with Angie, Benita and Ray (my neighbors growing up).  My reasons for leaving my Mom and moving in with a friend and her Dad had little to do with this incident actually.  My Mom’s drinking was out of control and I just could not take it any more.  Obviously I would never go back and live with my Dad.  Ironically, I lived just two houses down from him at Ray’s but never saw him.  Soon my mother would get a job at TDC as a nurse at the Ellis II unit and leave Conroe herself.   And soon, once again, my life would change dramatically!

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