For those who loved me then

After posting my last blog I started thinking about those who did love me then.  Edith and Peggy (two of my Mom’s best friends), Betty and Ray.  These are all of the adults in my life when I was 16 that I could have went to and said “Hey, I have no where to live.”  and they would have taken me in and taken care of me. 

So why didn’t I?  As I mentioned in many of my blogs I was taught to keep secrets.  Especially those that were shameful.  To lie when necessary! 

This behavior has had such a negative impact on my life!  This is part of the reason I started this blog, no more secrets. 

Even my husband is finding out things about my life he may not have known before through this blog.  He and I have discussed my blog and now my childhood many times.  Some he did know but some I never told him!

There comes a time when you either realize how much damage is done by secrets and lies (either on purpose or by omission) or you end up alone.  Either by feeling the need to keep your secrets or by people getting tired of being hurt by your secrets and lies and turning their back on you! 

It is time to heal!  No more secrets, no more lies.

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One Comment to “For those who loved me then”

  1. It is time to heal! No more secrets, no more lies.

    Supporting you 100% of the way Veronica.

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