The Broken, how I got there!

At this point in my life (Broken) my Dad had just reentered the picture as well.

Not long before I broke, my Dad found me, through my brother, and called because he wanted to meet his grandson.  Jake was almost 4 yrs old.

So in addition to Bobby moving on, the indecent at work, and Wade, my Dad shows up out of no where!

I loved him, he was my Dad.  So I made arrangements for him to come and meet Jake.  I remember it so well, it was fall.  The leaves were turning brown.  My grass was dying, it was crunchy underfoot.  When I saw my Dad pull into my driveway there was someone with him.  It was my Uncle Pete.

I walked out to meet him, I could feel the grass, hard and cool, under my feet.  I left Jake inside until I could decide what to do.  I was afraid.  But at the same time…happy.  It was like seeing a ghost.  I had not seen him in years.

I cannot remember what we said to each other.  I know we did not hug.  There was no joyed reunion.  I know I let him meet Jake.  I don’t remember for sure but I don’t think I told Jake who he was.  Or maybe I did but just did not want to.

My Dad came to my little yellow house in Trinity, TX.  And to be honest that is about all I remember.

Not long after… I was BROKEN!

And soon I would see my Dad again, but it would not be a joyed occasion!



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