The Breakup

Well, I rented a house.  And Mike moved with me.

From day one he resented me.  His only options were move with me or not.  And he wanted to live with me, but everything was on my terms.  I admit it.  And it is not an easy thing to admit.  I lied and manipulated him so he would obey.  Now who was broken?  For the first time, probably ever, I had power.  I used his need to have me in his life against him.

Until… I went to far.  A friend of mine needed a place to stay (wow was that a mistake).  She was being released from rehab and was going to be homeless if I did not take her in.  I had known Misty most of my life, she was even married to my ex-husbands twin brother.  Our children were cousins.  So I let her move in – I never asked Mike or even gave him permission to have an opinion.

The Breakup…

Finally he left.  He proved me right… everyone leaves!

Today I am in awe of my mindset.  I did everything in my power to run him off.  And when he finally left I blamed him!

Misty started using again shortly after.  I had to have her removed from my house.

Soon, depression set in…. no meds, I hated me, Mike was gone… and I was afraid I would never get him back!

I called Bobby to come and get Jake and then I checked myself into a mental hospital.  Afraid of what I might do, there I knew I would be safe.  I was only there one day….


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