Not even a day

The same day I had  admitted myself into the hospital my ex-father in law passed away.  Roy and I had been very close since Bobby and I had started dating. He and I stayed close even after our divorce. He was an awesome Dad and I was very lucky to have him in my life!  He had been sick for about a year.  I would go and stay at Barbara and Roy’s often while Barbara was working on the weekends.  He and I would watch Gunsmoke or Have Gun Will Travel for hours.  I would bring Jake with me if he was not with Bobby.  Roy adored his grandson.  He was Papa!  And up until a couple of years ago the only one Jake ever had.

The day I was admitted, I called Bobby to check on Jake and he told me the news.  He was at the hospital and knew Roy would go any minute.  I could not ask him to come and get me.  But I was desperate to get there!  Bobby wanted me there too.  I told him I would find a way.

So I called Mike.

Even though he was sick with a very bad cold, we had broken up and it was my ex- father in law, Mike came and got me.  He drove all the way to Houston and then all the way to Baytown.  We barely spoke a word.  I told him thank you and got out of the car.  I still cannot believe I was such a bitch!  That is not true actually, I can believe it.  I was broken, no tape to hold me together, and flying broken pieces are dangerous!

About 20 minutes after I sat down on the bed with Roy and told him I was there and it was OK for him to go… he took a deep breath and then never took another one again.

I gave his eulogy.  It was by far the greatest honor I have ever had!

Still broken (and probably even more so)… after I finally made it back home days later, I called Mike!

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