A year to forget

2002 brought with it a string of events.  But even before the start of the new year I had started seeing a new psychiatrist.  And of course he changed my meds.  Wellbutrin was his drug of choice. And a list of other anti-anxiety meds and mood stabilizers.  The side effect… I was not sleeping.  Considering pre-1995, the prozac years, the side effect of no sleep could get ugly and it did.

I was also promoted in 2001 and making more money then I had ever made in my life, I thought things were looking up.

My new boss, it turned out, was an abusive pig!  And so began the new year.. 2002.

Each day became a battle.  One I eventually lost.

In 2002 my Grandmother (Nanny) broke  her hip.  I spent hours with her at the hospital.  Everyone thought that would be it.  She and I knew better.  I stayed by her side and helped her along the way, only I was losing myself along the way.  I did not see it.  Others noticed something was wrong.  I lost almost 65 lbs in several months.  I no longer slept.

Dealing with my bosses advances and my Nanny’s injury were taking their toll.  Working 70+ hours a week only added to my insanity.

Then my Dad called and said he needed to talk to me…

Meet me for lunch, he said, today!  And like a good little girl…. I dropped everything and did!


One Comment to “A year to forget”

  1. More soon please…. you can’t write fast enough for me. As soon as you write one blog I want another. I love reading your blogs.

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