Just leave me alone!

Although I went back to work, I was not there long!

I filed a complaint with the company I worked for against my boss…

All hell broke loss!  It became unbearable… I took a leave of absence.

I went home, crawled into bed and stayed there for almost a year.  I did not drive, I did not go to the grocery store, I literally did not leave the house by myself!  The only trips I took outside of the house Mike drove me.  And the only places I went to were to Sinead’s office and my psychiatrist.

I locked myself away from the world.  As much as I wanted to be ok… I had just had it! Had it with humans and no longer cared if I saw another one… EVER! I shrank down my world to only a few people.  I just wanted to be left alone!

This placed an enormous strain on an already fragile marriage and a fragile Mike.  Both were suffering greatly! And soon both would fall apart!


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