Every Choice You Make

Me in 2003affects the people around you.  I chose to overwhelm myself.  I chose to place others needs in front of my own.  I chose to lock myself away from those that I blamed for my dissent into a chaotic world.  For part of 2001 and 2002 I made choices that not only affected my mental health, but the mental health of everyone around me. To prove the gravity of my self-destruction, one of the many effects for me was a weight loss of almost 75 lbs.  The effect it had on others is unmeasurable!  Some say that people inherently know right from wrong, I agree with that statement, however, I have witnessed what one person’s insanity can do to another.   How it can change a person.  And although they realize their actions are not “right”, the line of right and wrong becomes fuzzy, skewed.  My line had been that way since childhood, Mike’s line became that way in adulthood.

For every action there is a reaction.  It is the domino effect.

Mike reacted.  He reacted by first trying to fix it!  It could be anything and everything.  And when he found he could not fix anything he turned on himself.  He started to self destruct.

Mike is one of the kindest, most gentle humans you will ever meet.

But he became explosive.  And our home took his wrath.  Windows, walls, etc….  but never me!  His self-destruction did not stop there, but out of respect for my darling husband I shall stop there!

Mike became afraid of who he had become.  And we decided to separate.  About a month later…. I filed for divorce!

And I emerged from my self-induced seclusion.


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