Warning signs of a child molester…

This is to the person who found my blog who googled “Warning signs of a child molester”  (site stats gives me lots of info, no names but lets me know how people find my blog!)………..

Your warning sign is your gut!  If you suspect it – believe it!

I am so very sorry!  If you think someone you are living with might be, and you have children…  LEAVE! NOW!

Your children are worth it!  You are worth it!  And it is so much better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t put your child through hell!  Trust me, if they are molested they will grow up hating themselves.  They will attempt to destroy themselves and anyone who tries to love them.

Most never get past the self loathing.  I am one of the lucky ones! But even after all I have been through, I still have to work on it sometimes!

My heart breaks for what you are going through!

I am sending you all of my love!



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