Part 4 Not my story

Since I was in a coma for several days and only remember the last couple of days I was in the hospital I will tell Mike’s story instead.

I asked Mike the other night to help me write this and here is what he said: “I got home around 12:30 and the house was surrounded by police and an ambulance was in the driveway.  Rhonda was there. (Rhonda was a friend of mine from work and had not been able to reach me so she left work to come and check on me.  She broke a window to get in the back door. She is who called an ambulance.)  At first I thought you were dead.  But the ambulance guy said you were stable but critical, whatever that meant.  I followed the ambulance to the hospital but they would not let me stay with you.  When I tried to find out what was going on no one wanted to give me any information.  Finally they told me you were in a coma and in ICU.  When I arrived at the ICU there were cops standing by your bed and they would not let me be with you alone.  They thought I had done that to you.  Your face was bruised and cut and your right side was bruised bad!  There were burns on your hands.  After they talked to Rhonda and figured out what happened the police left.  For two days you laid in bed staring at the ceiling.  Finally on the third day you could answer simple questions like your name and the year.  By the fourth day they moved you to a private room.  You were still out of it and I asked if you were going to get any better.  The doctor said you would but he was not sure how much better.  After a couple of days they tried to get you out of bed.  You could not walk so they brought in a neurologist and a physical therapist.  Apparently when you fell you did some kind of nerve damage to your right leg.  As you did better you no longer wanted to see me.  I was crushed but stopped coming around much.  And you know the rest!”


One Comment to “Part 4 Not my story”

  1. WOW! A powerful sentence to read – At first I thought you were dead.

    Waiting for the next post….

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