A whole new chapter! Steps to recovery

Recovery? To define recovery, one must first acknowledge what they are recovering from.

My personal recovery is from chaos.  Chaos is my drug of choice.

You will notice I use current tense.  “IS” not was.

My recovery will be forever.  I no longer struggle to keep chaos out of my life, but to be honest, I am afraid of becoming complacent.  I am afraid one day I might let it creep back in.

Chaos was my normal for most of my life.  Replacing the chaos with something healthy takes work.  Changing my normal takes courage and a lot of will power.  It is not like changing a bad habit.  It is changing an entire lifestyle.

In the next several blogs I will take you step by step how I not only replaced my drug, chaos, with something healthy, but I will take you through the steps I took (some drastic) to change my normal.

I will also dispel the myths about my depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and personality disorders I was told over the years along the way.

I know this has been an intense journey, but I am so glad you all have stuck with me!

The next chapter will be a light in a very long tunnel.

3 Comments to “A whole new chapter! Steps to recovery”

  1. Hi, I’ve been meaning to write you a note for some time but I’ve been really busy. Firstly, thanks for the comments on my blog and for the encouragement. As for your posts. Thanks for writing about such a terrible time in your life. It helps others going through something similar to know they are not alone.

    And thanks also for writing it in such a creative way. Hope all is going well for you these days and keep up the writing.
    take care.

  2. You go girl…. Tell it! Be strong!

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