Toxic Relationships – some can’t be healed

My friend Rhonda (the one who found me after I attempted suicide) became overbearing in the months following my attempt.

She got angry with me often.  She would call me and ask what I was doing and I was doign something without her she would get angry. I had not left my home in a year and I was now making a choice to leave.  Every venture outside of my house for me was a choice that I had considered and contemplated!  But she thought it would be best if she was with me when I attempted such feats. And when I told her Mike and I were trying to work things out, she became enraged.  She called me over and over again.  She demanded that I have nothing to do with Mike.  She blamed him for my suicide attempt.  She would say the most awful things about him.  She knew the troubles Mike and I had.  She knew of his issues.   But what she did not know was what he was willing to do to be OK.

I spoke to Sinead about it often.  I felt guilty for not wanting her in my life anymore.  But I didn’t.  As I started dissecting all of my relationships, I realized my relationship with Rhonda was very toxic.  She suffered from depression and other mental issues.  When I did not have chaos in my life, I relished in hers. And I realized Rhonda had been my only friend for years.

After several sessions with Sinead where she was the subject I knew I had to end the friendship.

I told Rhonda that our friendship was over.  I told her why.  Surprisingly she said she already knew. She said I had changed.  And that she could not change with me.   She left my life without much of a peep.

We had been friends for about 5 years.  Really we had been the best of friends.

After that moment I never spoke to Rhonda again.

Changing a lifestyle sometimes takes drastic measure.  As drastic as it was, it was the right thing to do.

One Comment to “Toxic Relationships – some can’t be healed”

  1. Wow, it takes courage to tell someone a relationship is over. Most of us remain in relationships that aren’t always healthy because we don’t have the strength to do what you did. Way to go!

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