What goes up – must come down!

People who are bipolar have extreme highs and lows.

Depression, as I have mentioned in earlier post, can be overcome with a lot of work, removing toxic relationships, and a good therapist. Overcoming mania on the other hand takes a real plan and a lot of will power.

I will keep all of the following statements as “I”, however I believe most people who are bipolar follow this same up and down behavior.

When I am under stress my brain starts to overcompensate. My brain understands that it needs a balance of chemicals to be OK. However, when stress sets in the balance is thrown off kilter. So I start to produce to much serontonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. As they increase so does the adrenaline.

For the record… it feels awesome! You start to feel like you can conquer the world! I used to say “I work better under pressure.” And it was the truth! Of course I did. I had naturally produced drugs in my body!

The high was fantastic! And I loved every minute of it.

Up – up – up I would go!

Overcoming bipolar disorder can be done. First, you must identify the warning signs. Then you must have a plan of action in place the minute you identify one of them in progress.

These are my warning signs – pretty much in order:
1) Clinching my jaw or grinding my teeth.
2) Talking very fast.
3) Inability to sleep.
4) Starting several projects at one time.
5) Cleaning like mad.
6) Shopping for ANYTHING! (Mine was cleaning supplies.)
7) Increased sexual desire.
8 ) Increased irritability.
9) Lack of inhibitions.

Like I said it was AWESOME! And so chaotic (which, as you know was my addiction).

As fun as the highs are, the lows SUCK! So in order to avoid the lows you must be willing to avoid the highs. Therefor you must have a plan of action!

Remember what goes up – must come down! And the more manic I became, the more depressed I would be on the other side!


2 Comments to “What goes up – must come down!”

  1. I struggle a little with episodes like this, but not to such extremes. My father on the other hand was up and down and I learned through him that this was “normal” behavior. In his manic phases he would create entire, smoothly running companies out of literally nothing. And then, little by little, he would start to steal money from his own company, make stupid mistakes, not ship product, and the next thing he knew, he had to file bankruptcy. Then the months of depression would set it where he’d sit on the sofa, out of work, drinking and taking pills. So sad.

  2. Love reading your heart!

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