Sleep is by far the most important part of staying balanced.

A person who is bipolar and on their way “up” can literally break the cycle just by sleeping.

So why don’t all people who have a tendency to have highs just sleep?

1) When the brain is stressed or over tired sleep does not come easy.

2) Mania is fun, exciting, and chaotic.

3) When mania begins the brain becomes hyperactive and it is sometimes impossible to shut off the chatter in your own brain.

4) The natural response to stress is to produce adrenaline which obviously does not allow for sleep.

Once I understood how important sleep was it became my secondary goal. The first goal, however, is to reduce stress. By reducing stress, I can sleep! And by sleeping I stay balanced!

Next up….. Moving on to 2005.

Making my marriage and my relationship with my son work like a fine tuned instrument.


Reconnecting with my Dad.


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