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September 23, 2011

Whew, glad thats over! My speech…

And a quick thanks to all of you who subscribe to my blog! This outlet has helped me so much! Thank you all!

September 22, 2011

Speech, speech, speech

Tomorrow night I will be a guest speaker at a college event. Who would have thought after everything I have been through, the chaos my life used to be, that I would be invited to be the guest speaker at a large event – not me!

I received a large scholarship last year and an award for being in the top 20 at the college, there was a banquet held for the recipients. There was a guest speaker last year who spoke on graduating from LSC Kingwood and going onto a four year college.

This years guest speaker is me. Needless to say, my speech is going to be a lot different.

Mike is going to video tape it and I will attempt to post it here.

Wish me luck… I just hope I can make it through it without crying. Not because I am sad, but because I am so damn happy!

September 14, 2011


I have been thinking about all of the labels;

Labels I gave myself: damaged, broken, unlovable, easily abandoned, fat…

Labels someone else gave me: depressed, manic depressive, bipolar, histrionic, major depressive…

I am not any of those things. Was I ever? Who cares!

I have no labels, I removed them because they did not belong! They were confining and I attempted to conform to them. Once removed I was free! I am free! Free to be happy. Free to be OK! Free to be ME!

Do you want to know how to remove yours? There is no secret to it. No Goo-gone needed. Just never again say “I am bipolar, depressed, a victim …”

Replace them with true descriptions: hungry, tired, excited, human…

Labels are for boxes and you certainly are not a box!

September 12, 2011

Taking responsibility – a response

It is easy to blame others for our problems. But as long as we blame others for our issues there is nothing we can do to overcome them.

Being depressed, manic, addicted, etc may be blamed on the fact that we were abused, neglected, molested, or just mistreated as children. As long as we stay in the blame mode we will continue to be depressed, manic, addicted, etc. It is my experience, however, that once a person takes responsibility for their depression, manic behavior, addictions, etc., a person can take actions necessary to not only overcome those issues but thrive and truly find happiness.

Everyday I am faced with challenges. As I am sure you are as well. Everyday I am given choices to make. I can either make good choices or bad choices. I consider the choices I make everyday. I am not perfect, I still make mistakes. When I do make a mistake I reflect on what I could have done differently and choose to do that next time.

Am I unique, am I so superior that I am able to do what no other person can? Of course not. Any human can choose happiness.

So why do so many choose to be depressed, manic, addicted, etc.? I believe many people do not realize they have a choice. No one has ever told them they have a choice. Sadly, even therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist do not share this information. Instead they say take this pill, or they help place blame.

As I have said before, some people need medication because their brain is just so overwhelmed. But good therapy should follow or accompany medication.

After my last post I rattled some cages. In response…

Let me state clearly, I am not placing blame on the victim. I have taken some time to respond because I chose to really consider this post.

The answer is… stop being a victim! Be a victor! Choose happiness. Work to be happy. And if you do not know how, then go to every therapist in the phone book and say “I want to be able to choose to be happy – can you help me do that?” Find one that says “Yes, I can!” And then hold them to it!

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