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October 31, 2011

So I am struggling….

Yes I am! I feel overwhelmed. I have been sitting here, in front of my computer, debating on whether or not I should blog. But I believe it might be important to my readers to see I do get overwhelmed and that sometimes I am down. It does not happen often, but it DOES happen. It is also important for me to get it out! To write or type it out.

Today, stuff just went wrong. I have made some bad choices and I am now paying the price. Consequences! They can bite you in the butt!

School, car issues, and some “stuff” are just piling up.

I will try and post everyday until… until!

As for the moment, the first rule is to go to sleep! So sleep is where I shall go.

October 24, 2011

It is officially birthday week!

So my birthday is the 28th. This past weekend started birthday week. This year, following someone else idea, I have decided that every day for the next week I will do something to pay it forward to show my appreciation for my life! I hope that you will join me! Do something nice without expecting anything in return! There is something about the feeling you get when you pay a toll for the person behind you, hold open a door for a line of people, letting someone into traffic, buying a coffee for the homeless guy on the corner, smiling and telling someone to have a great day, making a total strangers day! What a great gift!

October 19, 2011

Something you might want to check out…

This writer is awesome. Her words are very powerful and I encourage you to take the time to check out her blog as well

Connecting to other people who have suffered from depression, addiction, etc., and seeing how they have healed, I believe, can help you heal!


October 18, 2011

Building a bigger world part II

Because I had been so wrapped up in my grief and shame (and I believe this is true of most people who suffer from depression) I had reduced my world down to just a few people for a very long time.  I had very few friends in my life.

I needed to build a bigger world! This tool is essential to overcoming depression and building self-esteem.

Finding a place to start was difficult. I had talked to Sinead about it during several sessions.

She encouraged me to find things I liked and follow them. So I made a list: dogs, the computer, and I wanted to go to school!

Dogs – I have been a dog lover since I was a little girl. I now work with a local dog rescue and have for many years. I have acquired four wonderful dogs along the way and saved (fostered to get adopted) about 10 dogs. As an added bonus I take my dogs to the dog park almost every day where I have met some great friends! We have fun for the humans too, including BBQ’s and picnics.

The Computer – OK, who does not like the computer, I mean here you are! I used my connection to the cyber world to find a local message board and started communicating with people who lived locally, I eventually made some lifelong friends from that message board that are no longer cyber friends but REAL friends who I hang out with several times a month.

School – a real win – win, I meet new people, I learn something new, and I will eventually earn a degree!

How big is you world? How many people do you talk to in a week? How often do you go to an event, function, or get-together where you are surrounded by friends?

Is it enough? Only you know that answer, but if you said no – build a bigger world!

October 12, 2011

I never have a bad day

I am on Facebook and I often read of friends who have a bad day. Well, I never have a bad day. I only have bad moments.

Humans tend to self fullfill.

When something happens first thing in the morning – traffic is awful, late for work or school, dog threw up in the middle of the night (OK that is probably more me but…), etc… do you say, “It is going to be one of those days” and then it is?

One of the most successful tools I have acquired is to never have a bad day. I might have a bad moment, but never a bad day.

Next time your morning starts out with a bad moment change the way you see that event.

Instead say, “That was a bad moment, the rest of my moments are still to be determined, I will choose to respond to each one of them as they come, I am going to have a good day!”

Stop having bad days, life may be made up of days but it is also made up of moments!

Today was a good day with a few bad moments!

October 6, 2011

Building a bigger world (this was supposed to be a draft of Building a bigger world part II)

UPDATE 10/31/2011 – I must have hit publish instead of save as draft, I will leave it anyway!


One of the tools I learned to help me overcome was to learn how to build a bigger world.

I followed my interest. I love dogs. So I started volunteering with a local rescue group about 6 yrs ago. I have met new friends and I feel like I am doing something that matters! I still volunteer with rescues to this day.

I also wanted, desperately, to go to college. So about two and a half years ago I did just that. Along the way I have met some awesome humans. I have been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and I have never felt better about myself.

One of the most important factors to being stable and creating a successful life is making plans and sticking to them. I have a girls night every Thursday where I go to a friends house, along with other friends, and enjoy a good meal and good company. I also take my dogs to the dog park several times a week, but Saturdays are special and several of the regulars meet there and have an awesome time sharing, not only time with our dogs but each other.

Before, when I was so incredibly unstable, I had few friends and stayed close to home.

Building a bigger world is key to success.

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