I never have a bad day

I am on Facebook and I often read of friends who have a bad day. Well, I never have a bad day. I only have bad moments.

Humans tend to self fullfill.

When something happens first thing in the morning – traffic is awful, late for work or school, dog threw up in the middle of the night (OK that is probably more me but…), etc… do you say, “It is going to be one of those days” and then it is?

One of the most successful tools I have acquired is to never have a bad day. I might have a bad moment, but never a bad day.

Next time your morning starts out with a bad moment change the way you see that event.

Instead say, “That was a bad moment, the rest of my moments are still to be determined, I will choose to respond to each one of them as they come, I am going to have a good day!”

Stop having bad days, life may be made up of days but it is also made up of moments!

Today was a good day with a few bad moments!

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