Building a bigger world part II

Because I had been so wrapped up in my grief and shame (and I believe this is true of most people who suffer from depression) I had reduced my world down to just a few people for a very long time.  I had very few friends in my life.

I needed to build a bigger world! This tool is essential to overcoming depression and building self-esteem.

Finding a place to start was difficult. I had talked to Sinead about it during several sessions.

She encouraged me to find things I liked and follow them. So I made a list: dogs, the computer, and I wanted to go to school!

Dogs – I have been a dog lover since I was a little girl. I now work with a local dog rescue and have for many years. I have acquired four wonderful dogs along the way and saved (fostered to get adopted) about 10 dogs. As an added bonus I take my dogs to the dog park almost every day where I have met some great friends! We have fun for the humans too, including BBQ’s and picnics.

The Computer – OK, who does not like the computer, I mean here you are! I used my connection to the cyber world to find a local message board and started communicating with people who lived locally, I eventually made some lifelong friends from that message board that are no longer cyber friends but REAL friends who I hang out with several times a month.

School – a real win – win, I meet new people, I learn something new, and I will eventually earn a degree!

How big is you world? How many people do you talk to in a week? How often do you go to an event, function, or get-together where you are surrounded by friends?

Is it enough? Only you know that answer, but if you said no – build a bigger world!


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