Sleep and other stuff

Well, it was an effort but I slept last night.  After laying down my mind was racing, trying to figure out how to solve the issues ahead.  What I needed was to shut my mind off, but how?  The trick I use is to imagine what I would do if I won the lottery.  Where I would live, what kind of car I would buy, how many people I could help, and how many dogs I could save.  I go into depth, building a home for foster kids and foster dogs, etc.  But my mind wants, desperately, to solve the issues it is facing, it wanders back to the trouble in my life.  It is a fight to make my mind shut off from reality and fall asleep.

I turned the clock away from my sight around midnight and a short time later I fell asleep.

SLEEP, it is magical!

Today has been a better day.  I am getting back on task with my school work, car issues are still pending, and other stuff – well some stuff takes time and effort.

A reminder to myself – Never have a bad day, just bad moments.  My world still needs to be bigger and I will help it grow!  I will take care of me first so that I may be strong enough to let others take care of themselves.  I can only control my world.  The choices I make come with consequences and if I take a moment I can determine whether the outcome of my choices will be positive or negative.

Lastly, this too shall pass.  Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day!


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