Clenching and grinding!

A response to stress (for me anyway) and a signal I need to be very proactive with my mental health is when I clench my jaw.  I will start grinding my teeth while I sleep as well.


Today, my jaw has been tight all day and I am sure I am grinding as well.

I am working on being in the moment right now, letting stuff go that I cannot control, and leaving stuff until tomorrow that does not need to be tackled today.  However, tackling what DOES need to be accomplished at this moment.

I am still struggling.  I feel it.

Reminder to self – take care of me!

I skipped the dog park today and now I am regretting it.  But I did make plans and accomplished something today! I made coffee plans with an old friend for Wednesday and I have studied for my next psych exam which I will take Thursday!

Tomorrow I get to start again – scratch that, I start again now.  I am here, writing, and that is good!


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