Triggers – stress

So I went to Sam Houston State University today to meet with an advisor.  This was a big move for me.  Going off to college as a 40+ year old woman is a little nerve racking.   When I first arrived I could feel the tension in my shoulders.  I could feel myself literally speeding up!  As I went from office to office my speech patterns changed… I was becoming manic.

Mania is a response to stress.

Eliminating stress is the key to stability, however it is not possible to eliminate all stress unless you drop out of society.  Even then, there are still situation where stress is just unavoidable.  I should know, I tried it!

Learning to listen to your body, knowing when you are under to much stress, and knowing what to do with that energy is imperative to stability.

Once I was done and leaving SHSU I sat in my car and relaxed.  I sat in the quietness of my car and waited for my brain to calm down.  I let the stress go.

Lately, I find that I am either more in touch with my body and senses or I am encountering more stress than I have in a long time.  I will have to ponder the answer!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  I wish you all a wonderful day and I hope you get to eat lots of turkey!



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