Taking inventory step 1

Now that you are on the road to bipolar no more an important step is taking inventory of your life.  Not to overwhelm – we will take this in steps.

The first step is taking an inventory of the people in your life.  Making a list of the healthy people and the unhealthy people in your life can be very difficult.  Identifying the healthy people can be life changing, but identifying the unhealthy people can be life saving.

So on a sheet of paper make two columns: one that says healthy and one that says unhealthy.  Take your time placing each person into a category.  Include family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.  Don’t rush, give each person considerable thought.  Think about what they add to your life and whether it is more positive than negative or vice-versa.  If you are not sure which side to place a person on – give yourself a couple of times to interact with that person before you decide.  Now that you are becoming aware of how a person affects you and your life you might notice some things you had not before.

As a bipolar prone person, I believe, most are not aware of the people in their lives and how everyday interaction with those people affect their mood.  Bipolar humans, in my experience, are pretty self absorbed.  Maybe out of necessity, basically as a survival strategy just trying to keep up with ones own mood and whether they are up or down.  Whatever the reason, in order to be bipolar no more I believe you must access the humans in your life and take action in order to create a stable world for yourself.

As for taking action, well we have a journey ahead of us.  So for now make your list, I will move onto step 2 in a few days!


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