An answer to an important question!

Yesterday I received an email with the question, “How long did it take before you knew you could be ok without medicine? And how long did the whole process take?”

Well, from the day I decided I did not want to be dependent on medication to be balanced until I had taken the necessary steps in my life to acquire balance – I would say about a year. During that year I slowly decreased my medication while working my butt off. It was a lot of give and take. When I found that I had made progress, such as handling a trigger without becoming manic or depressed, I would decrease my medication. When I made a big step, such as volunteering with a dog rescue and kept a commitment – showing up every Saturday for a whole month, I would decrease my medication. And so on! It was a process, it still is actually! I may no longer be on meds but I work every day at staying balanced. Remember, everyones journey is different, however, that it is the best part! It is YOUR journey!

Even now I am working on a huge source of stress, being a Mom – yet letting go of my adult child. I love my son so much, he is my only child, but he is a grown-up and it is time for me to let him be one. I have a choice, I can argue with him about the choices he is making, stress over every bad choice he makes, try and control his action (which never works BTW) or I can enjoy my son’s life, embrace his mistakes as his and hope that he learns from them. But if he doesn’t, accept that there is nothing I can do but love him for who he is. I have a choice, I always have a choice, and I choose to let go and love him for the man he has become. I choose to trust myself, the way I raised him, and that whatever choices he makes are his and have nothing to do with me.

So the answer to the question, “How long does the whole process take?” – is FOREVER! But it is an incredible journey!


2 Comments to “An answer to an important question!”

  1. I think that is a great answer to an important question. Working to stay balanced is a lifelong habit that must be developed, whether you take medication or not. At least, that’s what I think. Everyone is different. We all have a different set of factors working within our lives. For some, drug withdrawal might be relatively quick, for others a long slow process, and for others it may not even be possible.

    For me, it took 3 years post-diagnosis to change my habits enough to begin the drug withdrawal (that’s how long it took to develop the habits I needed to support myself without medication). I am one year into my withdrawal, from only one psychiatric medication and I anticipate another two to three years. Maybe more, maybe less. It’s hard to know.

  2. I completely agree! I think part of the healing, growing, learning process is knowing where you are and being able to trust your own judgement in your own journey! So many people rely n their doctor to tell them where they are at and what they need. Taking control of that and being self aware is huge! Congrats by the way, I love reading where you are at in your journey!

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