About Me

My name is Veronica (Hard) Galbreath.  My Father molested me for years.  I have never spoken out about it.  I have always been afraid to.  I did not want to hurt my Father or my Grandmother.   I was the protector and for the record I did a horrible job.  But now they are dead so I can only hurt their memory.

In this blog you will read of years where I was out of control.  Where I blamed my chaos on my past.  And if you stick with me you will discover how I got from there to here.  No more meds, no more insanity, I am now a full-time student, a happily married wife and a Mom to a wonderful son!

This is my journey, my self discovery, my healing…. please join me on my journey!


8 Comments to “About Me”

  1. So glad I know I’m not alone…

  2. You are a brave woman. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. I cannot tell you how my heart feels for you and others who have experienced your pain. Toxic relationships damage so many — victims of molesters, victims of verbal abuse, victims of physical abuse — together (as a culture and group of caring individuals) we can make a difference. Keep the information, articles, posts, and prayers out there.

    The arc of the world is long, but it always bends toward justice. — MLK, Jr.

    • Thank you so much. I am not sure brave is the right word. I feel like I am doing what anyone in my position would do. If I can help even one person get past the destructive cycle I used to live in it is so worth every word I type!

      Thanks again and hugs, V

  3. Just found your blog and did a little exploring. I am so glad to see someone writing who has actually made the journey I am undertaking now – working toward healing from an sexually and emotionally abusive childhood past, working toward defining myself (though right now I am just working toward functioning!), and hoping to share a little of what I learn with others along the way. You are an inspiration.

  4. I am so glad you moved ahead and got out all the junk within you so you could feel alive and free and live life to the fullest…. how long have you been off meds and how long do you stay functioning? Constantly functioning with no hiccups? See walls or relapse minutes out of a day? no relapses or once a week or month? Just curious… thanks for subscribing to my blog healingsexualabuse.wordpress.com


    • I look forward to taking the time to read through your blog. Thanks for following my blog as well. I have been off of all meds for many years. When under stress I can feel my mood elevate. Mania is my brains response to stress. I have learned how to manage my life so that I no longer have a need for medication to manage it for me. It can be done but it takes an incredible amount of will power. Thanks again from one survivor to another. Veronica

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