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November 16, 2011

Why some people do not report child abuse

According to people do not report abuse for many reasons including:

  • Choosing instead to effectively intervene independent of the formal system.
  • Fear or unwillingness to get involved.
  • Fear that a report will make matters worse.
  • Reluctance to risk angering the family.
  • Concern that making a report will negatively impact an existing relationship with the child or others.
  • Belief that someone else will speak up and do something.
  • Lack of enough knowledge about the abuse

So why did McQuery not report the rape of a ten year old boy?  Sadly, his reason is most likely not on this list.  He most likely reason… money!  Penn State was ranked in the top 5 when the alleged incident occurred.  And let’s face it; some colleges often do not report crimes for fear of scandals which can lead to lower enrollment.

Amazingly, the lives of children have a price tag.  I wonder what the answer to the question, “What is a child worth in dollars?’ might be if McQuery was asked?

So why am I picking on McQuery you might ask, I mean there were other people involved in the cover up right?  Because he was there!  He saw it.  How a person could witness an assault on a young man and do nothing will forever be beyond my comprehension!

Something is so incredibly wrong with our society.  I realize that abuse has been happening since man could stand upright, but we are supposed to be a civilized world.  And the US is supposed to be the “best” nation in the world.  But we are not!  If we allow this type of behavior we are not!

McQuery, by his own admission, is guilty of not protecting a child and who knows how many after the one he witnessed were hurt.  He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

A message needs to be sent that we, the people of this supposed great country, will not tolerate someone walking away from seeing a child being raped!

I am sickened and extremely saddened that we, humans, brush this off as a “sad” situation. This is an outrage and we all should be outraged, angry… hell – we should be pissed off!

 I am!


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