Warning signs of a child molester and protecting your children!

WordPress tells the blogger how people are finding their blogs. The key phrase that appears over and over is “Warning signs of a child molester.” The other one (that breaks my heart) is “How do you know if your child is a molester.”

I am not a professional! You can not handle this by reading this blog. You can see the effects of child molestation, but you need help.

If you think you are living with a child molester. . . LEAVE. The sign of molestation is that you suspect it. Trust your gut and get the hell out, your children are not worth the risk. A child that is molested will lose a part of, not only their childhood, but they will lose a part of who they are.
Seek professional help for you and your children!

If you are concerned that your child is a molester, it is my belief that they have been molested, get help NOW! Stop the cycle of abuse by showing your child how much you love them and how much it means to you that they are OK. Be patient, instead of internalizing (like I did) they have externalized their abuse. It may take years of therapy for them to be OK. But isn’t your child worth the effort?

How to protect your children!

Listen to them!

Tell them it is not OK for anyone, stranger or family member to touch them and make them feel uncomfortable.  Be honest about where people should not touch, but age appropriate.

If you don’t know how to talk to your kids get help from a professional!

Start talking to them as soon as they can understand.

Trust your gut, we all have had that “feeling” about someone but ignored it because it was Uncle Whoever or Grandpa Whoever, if you feel it – what you feel is real!  It may not be spot on but we all have that sense that something is not right.  Better safe than sorry!


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